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Puppy Poison Alert! Don’t Feed Your Dog These Foods!

It’s easy to think that just because we can eat it, that scrap of food is perfectly fine for your puppy. But the biology of dogs is quite different than humans, and some foods that we can tolerate perfectly fine can actually be poison to your dog or puppy.

I wasn’t a dog person growing up. For me, dog ownership just happened in my mid-thirties: I found an abandoned puppy in my backyard. Because I wasn’t used to dogs, I thought they could eat just about anything that was edible, but after doing a some research, I found that wasn’t the case.

Some foods, like chicken bones, are dangerous because of how they are eaten. Chickens have very brittle bones which can splinter when chewed, which presents a danger to the playful dog trying to swallow them. Other foods can be outright dangerous such as chocolate.

While each doggy parent needs to adhere to their own rules, it isn’t always bad to give out a little bit of table scraps, or as I am prone to do, give their little furball a doggy treat after the humans finish up their meal. Everything in moderation. It’s just good to know what you should avoid letting your dog eat!

Here is a list of important foods to keep away from your dog:

Sugarless Gum or Candy

While you probably aren’t going to be handing your dog a slice of gum, it is important to know that sugarless gum and sugarless candy often contains xylotil, which is toxic to dogs and can cause liver failure.  Even a small amount can be harmful, so take care by always throwing the gum away instead of spitting it out.  Also make sure not to leave used candy wrappers sitting around where the dog can get at them.


Grapes, and raisins, are also toxic to dogs and can cause kidney failure.  Problems usually occur after a large quantity have been ingested, but owners should take extra care when eating grapes around a dog and make sure any that fall to the ground are immediately picked up and thrown in the trash.

Cooked Bones

Bones, especially chicken bones, become brittle after being cooked.  This can cause them to splinter and become stuck in a dogs teeth or throat.   Raw bones are generally safe, but should only be given in moderation.   Too many bones can be bad for your dog’s nutrition.


The seed pit of many fruits contain cyanogenic glycosides which can cause cyanide poisoning.  


Chocolate contains a cardiac stimulant and a diuretic.  It can cause an increased heartbeat and, because of the diuretic, can cause the dog to drink a lot of water.  And in larger quantities, it can cause death.


Salmon can contain a parasites called a flatworm or fluke which can infest a dog’s intestines if consumed.  The fluke can also contain a rickettsial organism which can be introduced to the dog when the fluke’s larvae hatches in the dog’s intestines.  This can cause Salmon Poisoning Disease, which is a very serious threat to dogs.

Other common foods that can cause various problems for dogs are… tomatoes, nuts (especially macadamia nuts), dairy products, raw eggs, broccoli, corn cobs, liver (in large amounts), onions, and potatoes.

So, if you are the type that can’t resist those sad little eyes, stick with those foods that didn’t make the list.   Also, bring a doggie treat with you to the table.  That way, you can minimize the human food by supplementing something you know is good for your dog.

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