10 Smart Links You Missed on Twitter on Today

Toyota Kills Scion iPhone Jailbreak Theme After Apple Complains ://bit.ly/gCpkpL via @ytech

California's CTO: If government agencies spent 10% of their time on social media, "it would be the equivalent of hiring 10 to 15 staffers." ://bit.ly/dR8IaL via @gov

"What are we building? We are building augmented reality glasses for the masses." ://bit.ly/gWtkvV via @ented

Tumblr's Mark Coatney: Do Most Websites Treat Commenters As Second Class Citizens? [Video] ://bit.ly/elVLxF via @vidyarthi

Examiner.com will use "peer reviews and incentive pay to increase the professionalism of its content." Content farm? Not us! ://bit.ly/fm01o1 via @daKaplan

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"Before long, thought-controlled objects may move far beyond games. 'Toys are just the beginning...'" ://buswk.co/fwd7vR via @tanguay

Tragedy of the Data Commons: The law should provide a safe harbor for the dissemination of publicly available, anonymized research data. ://bit.ly/gqHqQs via @ck

9 reasons why Google and Apple should be worried about Amazon ://bit.ly/fGuKvd via @ere

"United Russia is the party of corruption, the party of crooks and thieves." One man's cyber-crusade against Russian corruption. ://nyr.kr/fL1ytt via @orker

The Society for Storytelling's Tales of Things: Object storytelling in the age of the Internet: ://bit.ly/fhUVID via @softhings

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