Fitango Teaches You How To Get Stuff Done; Adds Sharable Self-Improvement Features

In February, fellow Loko enthusiast John Biggs e a post on ngo, a social marketplace that allows users to learn about and buy action plans for everything from finance to fitness and romance. As Biggs pointed out at the time, many of us have problems self-motivating when it comes to getting in shape or, say, learning to speak Mandarin -- and oftentimes, we're not sure how to best attack these goals.

As such, Fitango offers its members step-by-step guides, or action plans, which include videos and detailed instructions on how to approach your education. The idea behind the plans being that you are more likely to confront your self-improvement if these efforts are broken down into manageable, bit-sized subtasks. And it helps if you have to pay for it. After all, becoming a concert-ready jazz pianist doesn't happen overnight, and it isn't free.

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